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If you love vape pens, Arizona’s selection for 710 is hotter than the desert in July! From uplifting classics like Durban Poison to novel cannabinoids like Δ8 THC, these five cartridge options offer a little something for everyone, no matter what type of effects you’re after.

Read on to learn about five local cannabis extractors not to miss this month!

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If you’re looking for an oil cartridge to help give you a little lift, look no further than the Durban Poison Oil Cartridge from Sunday Goods. The potent oil and natural strain-specific terpenes are extracted from greenhouse-grown cannabis. Its portable package makes it simple and discreet to achieve a dose of euphoric energy.

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VAPEN Clear cartridges are easy to use and simple to dose. Just a few short puffs on the King Louis XIII OG Cartridge and you’ll find yourself happy, relaxed, and sleepy thanks to the potent amber oil and its earthy, piney flavors.

(Courtesy of iLAVA)

If you’re looking for a new sensation this 710, check out iLAVA’s Δ8 Clarity Cartridge. Featuring Delta-8 THC, a powerful yet less common cannabinoid compared to its Δ9 THC relative, the effects of this cartridge are soothing and relaxing yet provide a more clear-headed experience.

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(Courtesy of Evolab)

Each Colors Cartridge combines Evolab’s potent Chroma oil with natural fruit-derived terpenes for a flavorful kick of THC. It’s a simple yet consistent product that balances 80% THC with incredible fruit flavor, and it’s available in four flavors: Tropical Fruit, Blueberry, Sweet Melon, and Strawberry Lemonade. You’re sure to find one that tickles your taste buds.

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(Courtesy of Nature’s Medicines)

Vapefruit Cartridges are a sweet, fruity way to enjoy potent distillate oil with flavors you know and love. Available in a variety of flavors—Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Tangerine, Berry Cheesecake, Juicy Fruit, and Blueberry—each has organic terpenes mixed with cannabis distillate and packs a punch.