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Oregon is producing great flower like no one’s business lately, and one happy side effect of the state’s booming cannabis crop is that a plethora of extraction companies are taking advantage of all that quality flower. Here are four products worth checking out if you’re celebrating 710 in the state.

UKU Apex Oil Lemon Sorbet

UKU’s Apex Oil starts out with the company’s everyday CO2-extracted cannabis oil, then steps up the quality. They use chromatography to recreate the character and flavor of their source strains to the highest possible degree of accuracy, as with their Lemon Sorbet oil.

White Label Ectracts Live Resin Sauce
(Courtesy of White Label Extracts)

This saucy live resin from White Label Extracts is sourced from flower grown at Salem’s Doghouse. At almost 15% terpene content, the sweet flavor and aroma of ripe summer berries is impossible to miss in this euphoric, relaxing concentrate.

Ionic Purple Punch cannabis oil Cartridge
(Courtesy of Ionic)

Ionic distills the fruity flavor and relaxing vibes of perennial favorite Purple Punch into a cartridge consumers are sure to keep coming back for.

(Courtesy of NW Kind)

NW Kind’s concentrates are produced in small batches from fresh flower and strains that intrigue their team of cannabis experts and consumers alike. That intimate care and attention results in products like their Huckleberry Diesel live resin diamonds, a real gem of a concentrate that blends sweet and gassy notes.