Precise dosing is the holy grail of the cannabis industry. Ever wonder exactly which part of the cookie most of the THC is in? Unbalanced dosing can ruin a good night for a veteran consumer and possibly turn off a new customer indefinitely.

Casa Verde Capital, through investment in Indose, a cannabis vape maker, is looking to help bring a convenient and accurate dosing vape pen to market. Casa Verde is an investment firm with cannabis icon Snoop Dogg as one of its partners. Although the rapper and entrepreneur is known for smoking flower, it seems he has identified a market need for precisely-dosed vaporizers.


Casa Verde recently contributed $3.5 million to Indose, hoping the new pens will be successful with consumers. The pen can measure doses in increments of .5mg THC, and increase to 3mg of THC. A dose of .5mg of THC would be considered a very small dose and may be ideal for cautious new users.

“We’re not for the person who wants to get stoned,” said Benzi Ronen chief executive officer for Indose. “This is for the person who wants that sweet spot for the situation they’re in.”

Indose’s pen is currently available in a few Californian dispensaries but is set to rapidly expand its availability in the near future. The company plans on expanding its research and development operations and to develop patents on new products with Casa Verde’s investment.

Dispensary operators wanting to target new customers who may be hesitant or fear over consumption could now have a new way to ease those anxieties. Indose pens allow users to figure out their own tolerance in a safe and controlled way. The concept is easy to explain so budtenders shouldn’t have much difficulty in trying to educate consumers about the benefits of the Indose pen.

However, the pens may also be ideal for veteran users and patients. Some may seek out a specific daily amount of THC they want to ingest, and this can be quite challenging with edibles or cannabis flower. Other experienced dispensary customers could be seeking a controlled experience, especially if they have errands or other responsibilities to address during the course of a day. Combining these benefits with the discretion and convenience that already makes vape pens popular, the Indose pen may be easy to market to almost any customer who walks into a dispensary.

“Every consumer should want to know what their precise dose is,” said Karan Wadhera, managing partner of Casa Verde. “It’s not something that’s only for the novice.”