Wiz has been on tour all summer, but for one of hip-hop’s biggest smokers, a stop in Denver may as well be a trip home.

As the first city to fully embrace America’s recreational green rush, Denver, Colorado has a reputation for embracing a toke or two. When Wiz Khalifa is in town though, the entire city goes up in smoke.

And so when Pittsburgh’s favorite stoner showed up in the Mile High City this week for the latest stop on his Decent Exposure summer tour, Denver’s weed and hip-hop lovers came out in droves. In a new video clip uploaded to Wiz’s Instagram, you can see the perma-blazed rapper visit with fans at a smokey meet and greet, cough through some dab hits, and start a snaking conga line on stage.

Wiz can find a plug no matter what city he’s in, but during his time in Denver, you already know that the Taylor Gang honcho didn’t take two steps without a king sized cone in his hand. In another photo from the same tour stop, Wiz eyes up a joint like its his last meal. 

A mainstream star with crossover appeal (who could forget his family-friendly Oreo commercial?), Wiz is following in the footsteps of rappers like Snoop Dogg while still carving his own lane. From his video games, to weed strains, you might as well call him a “Jack (Herer) of All Trades.” 

Want to experience the Decent Exposure tour lifestyle yourself? Meet up with Wiz on one of his remaining stops, which include gigs in Idaho and Washington State this week. You already know the latter is going to be a hazy affair. 

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